This page contains contains links to documents and websites containing information that people may find interesting.

London Borough of Islington

Air Quality Progress Report 2013

Air Quality Progress Report 2014

Air Quality Strategy 2014-2017

Islington Evidence Hub (Air Quality)

‘The Evidence Hub is a partnership between Islington Council and the local NHS and brings information held across different organisations and teams into one accessible place. It is designed to be used by all people looking for evidence, to help ensure that local decisions are made based upon the needs of the local population.’

14 Cost Effective Actions to Cut Central London Air Pollution 2012

Air Quality in Islington: A Guide for Public Health Professionals 2012

Air Quality Updating and Screening Assessment 2012

Focus on Air Quality and Health 2012

Caledonian Ward

Caledonian Ward Partnership

Cally Plan SPD Consultation January 2014

Caledonian Ward Improvement Plan 2014

Camden & Islington

King’s Cross: shaping the future

Transport for London

King’s Cross and Euston Road

Smoothing Traffic Flow (2009)

Air Pollution

London Air Quality Network (King’s College London) Islington’s air quality monitoring stations are part of this network.

Clean Air in London

The Environment Act 1995

2010-2015 Government Policy: Environmental Quality


Campaign for Better Transport: Every Journey Matters? Does smoothing traffic flow work for everyone?

1 thought on “INFORMATION

  1. Today, we were woken up by the gagging stench of exhaust fumes…again. It was worse today though from about 8-10:30 as it is Friday. It is making our life a misery. We are often I don’t know what is worse the noise of the constant revving or the pollution. It makes a mockery out of every pollution test carried out and these are also an irritating waste of public money. More traffic = more pollution. It is a simple equation. Clearly, the problem with the traffic is not only due to the traffic lights at Wharfdale road and Killick Street, it is because one lane of traffic is completely redundant. Another simple equation…2 traffic lanes – one traffic lane = twice the queuing + more pollution. There must be an ulterior motive that we as residents are not aware of for the Council and TFL to insist on backing such a crazy scheme. Put the road back as it was. please and reduce the pollution and noise if you care for the local residents.


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