Cashpoint Fraud


Do not use the cashpoint on Caledonia Street, outside the King’s Cross Tesco Metro.

Several neighbours have recently reported that their cards have been cloned and money withdrawn from their accounts. There was a spate of similar incidents a while ago, and various banks confirmed that this particular cashpoint was the culprit.

Here’s a message from local resident Ewa:

Hello neighbours
My husband had a call from his bank this morning asking whether he was in India! No he was on the Cally … his bank card was duplicated and used in India. A friend of ours from Keystone Crescent had the same call from his bank this afternoon.
Both cards were used at the Tesco atm machine recently. This has happened to us before a couple years ago. This is the dodgiest cash machine around!
Please avoid.
Ewa xx


2 thoughts on “Cashpoint Fraud

    • I mentioned it to a member of staff last time there was a problem, and he said that Tesco staff didn’t use it, as they knew it was a bit dodgy. I don’t think it’s Tesco’s responsibility though.

      I haven’t been personally affected, so can’t really report it, but the banks of affected customers will know about it!


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