Wharfdale Road closed…

… so you would’ve thought we would be treated to a welcome traffic-free weekend …

… wrong. The ‘Road Closed’ signs present yesterday evening (I wasn’t here during the day, so don’t know what the situation was then) were positioned just to the east of Crinan Street. There were no ‘Road Closed’ or ‘Diversion’ signs anywhere on York Way, so traffic was pointlessly  entering Wharfdale Rd and using Crinan St as a ‘loop’.


At one point, an oversized Royal Mail lorry got stuck in Crinan St, and had to reverse back down to Wharfdale Rd.


This caused traffic jams on Wharfdale Rd to the west of the junction with Crinan St, and up York Way.

Frustrated drivers removed the ‘Road Closed’ signs, and the whole of Wharfdale Rd became gridlocked, as there were two buses stuck at the junction with Caledonian Road, unable to exit.

At least one bus travelled up New Wharf Rd. 

Thanks to Nick for the video. 

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