Changes to the King’s Cross Gyratory: Consultation Report, September 2016

TfL have just published their report into the initial consultation, that took place in February, on possible changes to the King’s Cross gyratory scheme.

You can read the report here. I’ve not had chance to read it properly yet (it’s 67 pages long) but will be doing so over the next day or so. 30 people who identified themselves as part of the Cally South residents’ group responded to the consultation. This is quite a high response rate, especially given that many local residents never received a consultation leaflet through their letterbox (TfL denied that this was the case).

The Cally South Group respondents were generally undecided, [on whether or not they agreed with the proposals] with 25 individuals stating they neither supported nor opposed the proposals, 2 opposed and 1 each for strongly support, support and strongly oppose.

After a long campaign, the hated traffic lights at the junction of Wharfdale Road and Caledonian Road are due to be removed in a couple of weeks. The main problem with TfL’s initial proposals, as outlined in February, is that they would almost certainly involve reinstalling traffic lights at the junction of Wharfdale and Caledonian Roads, as Caledonian Road would be made two-way again, and traffic would still need to use Wharfdale Road. This would cause congestion on Wharfdale Road, and in both the northbound and southbound lanes of Caledonian Road. We would be right back to where we are now, with appalling air and noise pollution on residential streets.

One solution to this, is to campaign for Wharfdale Road to be made available for access and cycles only – and this is what were intend to do.

We also need to think about what would work for the wider King’s Cross area. We all need to work together on this, and we will be arranging some meetings for local residents to discuss the issues.


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