Planned Roadworks

Just to remind you that Wharfdale Road is due to be resurfaced soon. The work should start on 25th July, and will involve parking suspensions and road closures.

There are other roadworks planned for the area…

… that nobody bothered to tell us about, but it’s on TfL’s own website, so must be true…

planned roadworks traffic lights

So, it looks like we’ve finally won this battle. However, we’ve developed a taste for campaigning, and will continue to work at getting air pollution in the area reduced. We haven’t been doing nothing – and I know I promised to put some details on this website some time ago – I’ve just been very busy.

So stay subscribed – it’s much easier to get things changed if we all work together on this.

2 thoughts on “Planned Roadworks

  1. The Mayor of London has started an online dialogue about air pollution, you should join the discussion. But what about noise pollution. On Friday night after 10.00 p.m. it was decided to dig up the pavement at the bus stop opposite our house, using an angle iron! The noise was deafening, especially as we had the window open because it was too hot. They did the same a couple of months ago when digging up Field Street which is next door to us.


    • Hi Josephine. Yes, we will be joining in the Mayor’s online dialogue. We believe that many things could be done to reduce vehicular air pollution locally, as well as across London.

      Unfortunately, the trend in recent years seems to have been to introduce changes that increase air pollution in our local residential streets!

      Some of these have just been due to thoughtlessness – extra bus routes along Wharfdale Road, for example.

      But, unbelievably, some of the changes have been designed to cause an increase in traffic congestion in residential streets. The ludicrous return to two-way traffic on Caledonian Road being the most outrageous example. The increase in asthma cases among residents of Wharfdale Road since the two-way scheme was introduced is alarming. I am now one of those residents myself, and am not happy at the part my local council has played in this.

      We need to keep our eyes on the ball as far as any future changes to the King’s Cross gyratory scheme are concerned. The unfortunate focus on ‘removal’ rather than ‘improvement’ is yet another case of ideology coming before the health of residents.


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