Meeting, and Cally Festival

Claudia Webbe (An Islington councillor, and Executive Member for Environment & Transport) will be meeting with senior managers at TfL on Monday 20th.

She will be asking them to remove the traffic lights at the junction with Wharfdale Rd and Caledonian Rd. I will post an update here as soon as I receive any news. Meanwhile, we have lawyers working on the case.

We think that now is a good time to escalate our campaign, for the following reasons:

1 We are hoping that the traffic lights will be removed at some point, but unfortunately TfL’s current plans for the King’s Cross Gyratory would mean that they would be reinstalled. We are not prepared to accept this.

2 A report from 2013 regarding primary schools in London affected by air pollution was recently released. Not surprisingly, some of the worst affected schools are in our area. In response, our councillors have revealed their plans to reduce local air pollution. However, we don’t feel that these plans go far enough. We think that much more could be done (for example reducing the number of buses and concrete lorries using Wharfdale Rd and Caledonian Rd), and Cllr Convery has assured us that we have his support for this.

A full version of our proposals will be posted here in a few days.

We are keen to get as many local residents as possible involved in our campaign, and will be attending the Cally Festival tomorrow, to hand out flyers (click on image for a printable version).

If you would like to join us, please email me at


cally south flyer screen




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