Buses rerouted along Wharfdale Road

Bus routes 45, 46 and 63 are often rerouted along Wharfdale Road, adding to the congestion and air pollution on both Wharfdale and Caledonian Roads. We already have six routes of our own, and don’t need any more.

I contacted TfL yesterday, to find out why these three routes are using Wharfdale Road. We suspect it could be due to congestion on York Way and Goods Way caused by the zebra crossing on Goods Way and the construction work currently taking place.

It could be some time before I get a response from TfL, but Cllr Convery spoke to Claudia Webbe (An Islington Councillor who is the Executive Member for Environment & Transport) earlier today, and she is discussing the issue with senior staff at TfL.

Several of us have noticed that Stansted, Gatwick and Heathrow express coaches often use Wharfdale Road. We will be investigating this.

We will also be contacting Camden Council to request that the Goods Way zebra crossing be replaced with a pelican.

We don’t yet have any news about the traffic light fiasco, but will post an update here as soon as we know anything.


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